General Knowledge

Increase your child’s general knowledge with interactive worksheets and questions.

Visual Learning

Learn Maths, English and Science through video lessons.

Question Bank

Test your child’s knowledge and let your child take questions after each topic.

Track Progress

Analysis of how the child is performing with percentage of questions solved and time taken to solve them.

Your Pace

Child can Learn and Repeat each topic at his/her own pace.


Daily Gyan

Child learns new fun-facts everyday, on multiple topics adding to their knowledge.

Parental Control

Only parents can unlock chapters and they have access to child's profile to track progress.

One parent multiple child profile

A parent can create multiple child profiles for all their children with just one license.

Reattempt the questions

Your child gets more clarity with different set of questions every time they reattempt.

Multiple platforms

Switch between studying on PC to studying on phone without any worries, we support them all.

Free Counselling

Contact us.

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